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RV8 concept, development & production - a talk by John Yea & David Bishop in 2003

Video recording of a talk by John Yea and David Bishop in 2003 available on a USB memory stick so you can see and hear a first hand account of what really happended as the RV8 project progressed through the concept, development and production creating a modern classic sportscar to keep the name of MG alive as a modern brand in the 1990s.

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Posted: 220315
RV8 - an extraordinary manufacturing project
In 2003 a group of V8 enthusiasts listened to a fascinating story from John Yea and David Bishop of what had inspired the RV8 development team to undertake an extraordinary low budget project - creating a modern classic sportscar to keep the name of MG alive in the 1990s as a modern brand. It was an extraordinary tale from two enthusiasts who had been so closely involved and had a pivotal role in the project - they commented "projects like that just don't happen like that anymore". The talk is available as a video recording.
The availability of MGB bodies from the BMH Body Plant, then located at Faringdon, and fuel injected V8 engines were clearly the essential inputs but it needed enthusiasm, imagination and dedicated hard work to make it happen. Many of our fellow V8 enthusiasts contributed to the project including Roger Parker, the late Trevor Taylor and Ron Gammons together with the leading specialist parts supplier, Moss Europe.

John Yea said "I don't think a retro type car built in an old body will be seen again because manufacturers don't keep old tooling any more - it's just binned, gone for ever!" He related how tracing the tooling for the RV8 project was a key part of their work. Timing too was a factor for vehicle conformity - another six months or so and the RV8 might not have met the increased "drive by" noise limits - it was really that close!

The Q&A session (Part 2 on the recording) was interesting too. So far as RV8 spares are concerned it is never going to be easy with a small volume car, but the good news is John Yea and David Bishop both have an interest in RV8 spares - the have their own RV8s!

This recording of the RV8 Talk at a hotel in Buckingham in June 2003, part of the V8 25th Anniversary Week of events, was made and processed by Dr Gavin Bailey. He had to reduce the quality of the recording a little so the two parts would fit on a CD which was used at the time in 2003 to make copies available to V8 Register members. Today copies are supplied on a USB memory stick.